When words are useless…


Still don't know where to go on your next bike holiday? Then take just 1 minute to look at this short clip: there are times when words are meaningless and colors and landscapes do all the work! Feel free to contact me for more information about your next staying at Locanda and [...]

When words are useless…2018-12-04T17:54:42+02:00

Locanda and Giro d’Italia… double up!


It’s been a great summer of beautiful days riding bikes together in harmony with our friends and now, it’s start to begin planning the next season and next year there will be a double, unmissable, bike appointment for our guests on the roads of the Giro d'Italia: on May 11th there’ll be an amazing Chrono [...]

Locanda and Giro d’Italia… double up!2018-11-16T09:30:51+02:00

2018: I bet that you are going to have fun!


If you are already thinking of your next bike holiday and if you are especially looking for relax, nature and breathtaking landscapes, then consider come to join us and you won't regret it! We will help you organize the best vacation possible: a year full of sun, amazing experiences and wonderful bike rides as it [...]

2018: I bet that you are going to have fun!2018-01-17T20:23:58+02:00

Customer testimonials


We are almost at the end of this exciting cycling season but luckily it's not finished yet... in fact this year we are going to have, one more time, a warm autumn season, with wonderful sunny days that are perfect for riding!It was a year full of cycletourists hosted here at Locanda, and full of [...]

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A relaxing bike holiday for the whole family


Our  Locanda is been basiically designed and organized specifically to welcome  couples, or groups of friends and also families. The reason is probably because our small Inn is a really relaxing and intimate place completely surrounded by nature, quite and silence. This week we were pleased to welcome a family coming from Malesia: father, [...]

A relaxing bike holiday for the whole family2017-09-01T17:31:11+02:00