What are the most important things for you ?


Never as much as on this occasion we must remember that Destiny and Nature always have the last word over our illusion to dominate and bend world and nature to our will: it is exactly the opposite!

What are the most important things for you ?2020-04-25T10:28:15+02:00

An inspiring friendship story


The first days of the year are those when you make good proposals and "positive" thoughts. With this spirit I would like to tell you a friendship story that summarizes really well what often means a cycling holiday here with us. The best feeling I have every year at the Locanda is to see the [...]

An inspiring friendship story2020-01-19T12:23:33+01:00

A new route: olive trees climb!


The season for cyclists here at the Locanda has just ended, but certainly not for us, local cyclists from the area, in fact, if the weather is nice, we love to go out for autumn rides embellished with the typical colors of this season, also because during this time of the year, especially after the [...]

A new route: olive trees climb!2019-11-22T13:12:24+01:00

Locanda and Giro d’Italia… double up!


It’s been a great summer of beautiful days riding bikes together in harmony with our friends and now, it’s start to begin planning the next season and next year there will be a double, unmissable, bike appointment for our guests on the roads of the Giro d'Italia: on May 11th there’ll be an amazing Chrono [...]

Locanda and Giro d’Italia… double up!2018-11-16T09:30:51+01:00

A relaxing bike holiday for the whole family


Our  Locanda is been basiically designed and organized specifically to welcome  couples, or groups of friends and also families. The reason is probably because our small Inn is a really relaxing and intimate place completely surrounded by nature, quite and silence. This week we were pleased to welcome a family coming from Malesia: father, [...]

A relaxing bike holiday for the whole family2017-09-01T17:31:11+02:00