When words are useless…


Still don't know where to go on your next bike holiday? Then take just 1 minute to look at this short clip: there are times when words are meaningless and colors and landscapes do all the work! Feel free to contact me for more information about your next staying at Locanda and [...]

When words are useless…2018-12-04T17:54:42+01:00

Race season is coming…relax and training at Locanda!


The race season this year has many important appointments in Romagna: one of this is the 21th edition of  Gran Fondo Sella Italia, that will take place Sunday April 2nd. We have prepared a special offer dedicated to whoever would like to take part in the race. The package will start with arrival and check [...]

Race season is coming…relax and training at Locanda!2016-12-29T17:21:05+01:00

The London Bike Shows 2016


With password and tickets at hand I was ready to leave and attend at this weekend's London Bike Show but the unexpected happened and I had to step back... family come first! However, although i cannot be there in person I feel like I'm participating still and I virtually send my support to all my friends that [...]

The London Bike Shows 20162016-12-27T16:57:28+01:00

Bike shows in Paris and Belgium


This month starts strong for cycle lovers, next weekend there will be two very important shows: Velofollies (where we will be present trought Italy Bike Hotels) will be take place in Benelux, Belgium, and the 31 e Festival international du voyage a vélo will be hosted in Paris. We will be present at the Belgium venue in the Italy Bike Hotel stand, [...]

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2 Gran Fondo in just 6 days promotion


Get ready for the race season with a week of training and relax far from traffic! The race season this year has two of the most important appointments in Romagna will take place within six days from one other. The 22nd edition Gran Fondo Davide Cassani will be postponed, if [...]

2 Gran Fondo in just 6 days promotion2016-12-27T16:57:29+01:00