Let’s be part of Giro d’Italia 2017!


La carovana del prossimo Giro d'Italia attraverserà la nostra zona anche nel 2017! Più precisamente i ciclisti del Giro termineranno una tappa molto impegnativa a Bagno di Romagna nella giornata di Mercoledì 17 Maggio. Aspettiamo il passaggio del Giro insieme!

Let’s be part of Giro d’Italia 2017!2017-01-12T08:15:58+01:00

Beautiful chestnut trees on La Faggiola- Paretaio Pass!


Thursday was the first sunny day of the spring so we decided to take a long ride. After going through the villages of Borgo Tossignano, Fontanelice and Castel del Rio, we went all the way up to La Faggiola- Paretaio Pass. During this long and very nice ascent we could enjoy an amazing view within the forest [...]

Beautiful chestnut trees on La Faggiola- Paretaio Pass!2016-12-27T16:57:27+01:00

Riding up to Cima Pantani


Today me and my friend decided to reach Monte Vecchio: it is named also "Cima Pantani" because he used to climb this ascent with his bicycle. We started from Faenza, than went to Meldola where we found Monte Cavallo. After this uphill, we arrived in Borello from where begins the street for Monte Vecchio. It [...]

Riding up to Cima Pantani2016-12-27T16:57:28+01:00

2 Gran Fondo in just 6 days promotion


Get ready for the race season with a week of training and relax far from traffic! The race season this year has two of the most important appointments in Romagna will take place within six days from one other. The 22nd edition Gran Fondo Davide Cassani will be postponed, if [...]

2 Gran Fondo in just 6 days promotion2016-12-27T16:57:29+01:00

Donkeys in Sorgara…


What a nice surprise at the top of the hill at Sorgara, just above Castrocaro.

Donkeys in Sorgara…2016-12-27T16:57:32+01:00